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Post  Shiori on Mon Dec 05, 2011 10:33 pm

Name: Cinderella
Nickname: Ella
Age: 4 Years
Gender: Female
Breed/Species: Tibetan Wolf
Color/Markings: She has a bright golden coat, often referred to as sunkissed. Her markings are indestinguishable. In her pelt, she has flecks of brown, and her muzzle is a creamy white color, as are her lower legs.
Eye Color: Dark Honey
Heartsong: Tata Young -- Cinderella
Personality & Other: She's spunky, but she has an edge to herself. She's definately a fighter, and isn't afraid to tell one person what she's thinking. She's an extrovert, and neutral when it comes to being pessimistic or optimistic. She hates being doted on like a princess (despite her name) and she is frequently telling off brutes that are insitant of giving her unconditional affection. At this point in her time, she just watns companionship, but slowly, as she's finally discovered her Heartsong, she's beginning to wander into distant territory, looking for a mate.
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