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Post  Shiori on Wed Dec 07, 2011 7:14 pm

Scar stared around the area, his tail low and his ears pinned against his skull. Moose was padding along ahead of them, bounding around here and there. Bee was following behind Scar at a tentative pace. Luna was trotting alongside Moose, pulling in his ear angrily, trying to get him to follow Scar's orders.

Scar barked loudly, and Bee shied away.
"You have to be patient, Alpha," Bee whimpered quietly, very fearful that he would get angry at her for doing something he considered 'wrong.' Bee had learned at a very young age not to disobey Scar. He'd given her a couple bites and scars in her young life, and she'd gotten around to calling him 'the demon brute.' She never told him that in front of his face for fear of another broken ear, tail, or possibly even paw.

"I was patient, you inferior wolfess," Scar snapped, closing his jaws only inches away from her maw. She backed off a bit, and Scar did the opposite by speeding up, obviously tired of her meant-to-be-advice. Bee sighed and plodded ahead of him, the rest of the pack watching the whole ordeal from behind them. She bounded up to Moose and nodded to Luna, who got her idea without need of verbal communication.

Bee took one of Moose's ear, and Luna took the other, and they both yanked harshly on them at the same time. Moose yelped out loud and fell back momentarily. Scar took this time to plod ahead of the trio, nipping Luna's rump playfully on the way past.

As soon as the whole pack had passed Moose, Luna, and Bee, Luna moved forward. Cupid, the other omega, came up and stood by Moose.
"You asked for it," He said, before moving in front of Moose as well. Bee joined Stella, and all was well for the time being.

{ Hours Later }

Scar stared around their new home. He sniffed around and wagged his tail, marking the territory.
"This is our home!" Scar shouted to the rest of the pack.

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