I have allways been here but never have I been called leader untill now. This is the land of the Plains pack

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I have allways been here but never have I been called leader untill now. This is the land of the Plains pack

Post  wild one on Sat Nov 26, 2011 9:07 pm

(I'm still thinking of a name for the pack but for now it's going to be called the plains pack, Admin I claim this land for Sniffer.)

Sniffer awoke earile in the morning and let out a yawn scerechting. The sun was just raising and the pack, wait where was the pack? Sniffer immanently went alert and rushed out of the Leaders den and straight into a ceremony. "What's joining on mother?" Sniffer asked Silver who answered, "IT is time, it is time for you to become the new leader!" She said her voice loud and calm. Sniffer looked to her right and left, both sides had members of her pack lined up. As she started to move to her Father, King and her mother, Silver the members of her pack bowed as she pasted each one of them. Soon she was standing in front of her parents who both stood up at the same time and announced, "Now and in till you grant you child with this you will be the leader of the Plains pack!" After that they all started howling and some of them throwing flowers, wait flowers? What that's not flowers, oh well anyways Sniffer sat down and watched them till she could not help it. She let out her long and beautiful howl which was the last to end.

Days later,

"All hunters and Scouts come," She paused before counting once they where all around her she looked to the hunters, "You will go on a long hunt. Return to use once three days have passed, no long, no earlier. Well unless a big meal is caught." She said, her voice wreaking into a embarrassed on from the deep at the end. She then looked to the scouts, "Go on and patrol, mark our land and check for danger." She then called for the gardens, "Go with the scouts and fight off any threats." Once done she sighed heavily and walk down. Her pack was decant sized, right? Well there was 3 hunters, 4 warriors, 2 elders which where her parents, and 2 scouts, 5 gardens. That meant a total of 16 wolves, a decant amount. Now all alone with just her parents Sniffer walked off saying, "I'll be back in three days, two moons with a mate possibly." She said it loud enough for them to hear as she walked off getting smaller and smaller, diapering into the plains area.

(Pm me if you would like to play as one or more members of the pack. Give me their name and bio link, thanks.)

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Re: I have allways been here but never have I been called leader untill now. This is the land of the Plains pack

Post  Shiori on Sun Dec 11, 2011 1:33 pm

In all honesty, Cinderella wasn't the most thrilled that Sniffer had become the leader. Cinderella had never been one to follow to the rules without hesitation, and being lead huntress helped feed her ambition and needlessness of rules. She sat down and howled along with the others, until Sniffer's howl was the very last to end. Cinderella stared ahead, wondering what would go on now in the pack that Sniffer was leader. She had good qualities, of that Ella would give her credit, but that didn't mean she was well-liked in Ella's mind.

Ella was now looking for a mate for herself, but she knew it'd be pushed back since Sniffer was looking for a mate. Of course, since Sniffer was now the alpha, all males would be after her heart. Cinderella would simply be pushed away. By like her heartsong said: "I'd rather rescue myself."

Snorting, Ella pushed the thoughts from her mind and stalked off to her designated den.

{ Days Later }

Cinderella decided it best to show up to the meeting, completely relieved that Sniffer was telling them to go off for a hunt. And for three days! Cinderella's tail immediately raised, wagging back and forth in a calm and slow manner, despite the interest and excitement running through ehr veins.

She knew she'd be able to catch a large prey in less than two days, but she would gladly leave for three. "Stars protect," Cinderella said to her before turning and trotting off, calling on a few of the wolves underneath her, barking, "Time to hunt!" ANd with that, she trotted off.

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